She Exists - She Exists

She Exists

She proves her Existence as a Mother, as a Daughter, as a Sister, as a Wife, as a Lover or a as a Friend. She adds the colors in life, she loves and cares, she writes and reads, she sings and dances, she works and shops, she smiles and cries, she cooks and serves, she clicks and picks, she diets and laughs, she knows fashions and styles,  she enjoys and blogs, she lives ‘cause she exists.

She Exists is about her Lifestyle, her Health & Diet, her Beauty and Fashion, her Hobbies, her Favorite Pink, her Techy Stuff, her Blogs and her Existence.

She Exists welcomes every other She to join with this ‘cause to prove her Existence everywhere by this blog. Contact Us for Suggestion or Write a Guest Post to contribute. 
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