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I am a Shopaholic

"I AM A SHOPAHOLIC", she said. "If I am down, nothing works but retail therapy. I don't see a day when I go out and don't shop. Sometimes I shop only to not disappoint the salesperson. Even those days when I cannot manage to go out for shopping, online stores are there to save my day. It's even worst, I can scroll for hours and fill my carts. After ordering, I wait crazily for it. I shop till I drop."

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This was the part of a very recent conversation I just encountered with a dear friend and thought to talk here about it being shopaholic myself, I think it is important to talk about this disorder. So all of this is normal till your brain keeps sending you warnings about the things you need or you are purchasing because you are an addict. I am a shopping addict but fortunately, I didn't touch the board line yet and stop my anxieties before hitting the point till I "drop". I thought about it and talked with several people to discover the reason for purchasing something which we don't need, I found the society pressures play a major role in it. The pressure of left out from a group of friends who're wearing designer clothes and having branded bags and shoes. It can because of developing a negative sense of competition among people around. The other reason is the urge to stand out among people and impress them with our sense of purchases and having everything in hand, also some people who're a perfectionist in their own way fall prey for it. And the most important thing which I found is the anxieties, emotional breakdowns, and depressions which definitely need to be handled before it leads us to some other directions. So though there is no harm in being one, being a shopaholic is not a threat to society, but staying in moderation is acceptable. We should disapprove our anxieties, pressures, and depressions which drive us to a way till we break and drop. I don't know how exactly because this promise lasts till only you see a new bag or an eyeshadow palette.

P.S don’t judge me here but this post has nothing to do with overspending money.

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