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Working Women in Pakistan

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Do you believe women working with men with the same or better qualifications treated better or equal? Well no, I don’t believe it and I was a victim of this for the seven years in different companies where I worked before starting my thing on my own.

1. I was judged a lot being a woman and having a job and that too a technical one.

2. Several times I was assigned tasks that were either super childish or something totally out of my domain to humiliate or to prove that i am incapable. I was forced to sit late when male colleagues decided to play cards in their working hours and delayed their deliverables.

3. I was mocked being down on a period day and degraded on taking maternity leaves. I wasn’t allowed to take half days for no reason even in extreme conditions, e.g having a sick toddler back at home.

4. I was harassed by a boss (and male colleagues of my designation), psychologically, mentally and a few times physically as well.

5. My raises were stopped after calculating my performance on my leaves and that too annual and maternity leaves.

6. Several times I was told by different male colleagues that women are made to stay at home and not to work if they get 2 wakt ki roti at home.

These are a few things I and I know a lot of other women suffer every single day at their workplace (and not men). So what you expect from us women? Come every day, getting ready for you, become a showpiece and sit on a front-desk to entertain your potential customers and make your work environment pleasant? Why at the first place you think if a woman comes to work in good attire and she looks good, she’s ready for you? What makes you believe that a woman coming at work for her bread and butter or her own mental satisfaction is a source of entertainment for you and just a showpiece? And just in case she manages to get a job which can define her qualification, not a showpiece level one, you’ll let her down to a certain level and make her hate her job to satisfy you manly ego? So many whys and whats are there. Like always !!!

P.S: after suffering for years and continuously hating my job and I got the opportunity to become my own boss, Alhamdulliah !💪🏻

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