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Red -: Color of 2012

Red is always hot, in dressing, in makeup, in lip arts, in nail arts, in bridal dresses, in formal dresses, in cars, in heels, in bags, in hotness, in being sexy, in being charming, in being admireable, to attract someone, to influence someone, to show happiness, to show love... Red is the best color to express the feelings out. 2012 is considered as the color of red. The color of elegance, beauty, celebrations and life is trying to show in the picture below.

Hope you like the Red color and the pictures. Show your love and comments below. 


  1. oooooo...i loved it...all picture..
    im too a Red colour obsessed person..n even hv written a blog on it..
    here it goes...

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  3. some of these are *orange...


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