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30 Things A Girl Love in her Boy

Girls are quiet emotional and sensitive towards many things, they love to enjoy the each and every moment with the one they really love and want to live with. More than the company they love many other things related with them and their love, for rest of the people (including their own boy sometimes), these all things are ordinary enough to never consider about but for them they worth a lot. These small things give them satisfaction and they find more love with their partner.

These small things found in the text images on weHeartIt. At least me, a girl, is so touched to share with everyone, specially with boys, to show that how small things can give their girls happiness and satisfaction. Take a look.
Girl Love Things # 1
Girl Love Things # 2
Girl Love Things # 3
Girl Love Things # 4
Girl Love Things # 5
Girl Love Things # 6
Girl Love Things # 7
Girl Love Things # 8
Girl Love Things # 9
Girl Love Things # 10
Girl Love Things # 11
Girl Love Things # 12
Girl Love Things # 13
Girl Love Things # 14
Girl Love Things # 15
Girl Love Things # 16
Girl Love Things # 17
Girl Love Things # 18
Girl Love Things # 19
Girl Love Things # 20
Girl Love Things # 21
Girl Love Things # 22
Girl Love Things # 23
Girl Love Things # 24
Girl Love Things # 25
Girl Love Things # 26
Girl Love Things # 27
Girl Love Things # 28
Girl Love Things # 29
Girl Love Things # 30
Girls do you agree with the list? Guys! will you do more things to make your girls happy? We love to see your feedback. Write to us in comments or mail on shexistss@gmail.com Join us on facebook, google plus or twitter and have fun with She Exists. 


  1. there are more but they are the best among the list.

  2. Great post, i love all of them in the list.

  3. Ten more things from a GUY what a girl wants to have in her boy:
    1. Girls like the boys who make the impossible things happen for them.
    2. Girls like the boys who accept their faults when they are wrong.
    3. Girls like the boys who give them feelings that they are priority no 1.
    4. Girls like the boys who listen to their problems carefully and try to help them out.
    5. Girls like the boys who do not forget them in their busy schedule.
    6. Girls like the boys who do not initiate fighting.
    7. Girls like the boys who use their own words to praise them.
    8. Girls like the boys who are loyal and sincere to them.
    9. Girls like the boys who know what they want and when they want. Girls love timings.
    10. Girls like everything whatever in their boys if they are in love.

    P.S. If you are in love then there should not be any standard of liking that is based on these actions. He/she should be the only STANDARD. Many people will disagree on this but it makes yours life very easier, believe me.

  4. This is an awesome list. Thanks for sharing. Is there another planets for such guys?? 'Cause I think most of the lot we have over here ain't that good :P Hehe!!

    the perfect line

  5. ha. well i did all of those things for somebody and they crapped all over it. i'll continue to do all those things, but just remember girls, if we do these things for you, and you take it and leave us? it creates one less guy who will never give a girl that again. or will take him a long time to repeat them.
    yes i agree with this list and many men should act better towards someone. but look at the other side. we have our walls and so do you. but when we let those walls down and you don't appreciate it, its one more layer of bricks for the next person we find incredible.

  6. I stumbles upon this, and it would have gotten a thumbs up, but I found the one about believing in God offensive. As an atheist, I don't particularly want a boy who believes in God. It isn't a bad thing for someone to believe, I just don't like that it's included here.

    1. I'm not atheist but I agree it should be there

    2. I believe in God. I think the idea that girls like boys to believe in God is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my life.

    3. lets hate everything that mentions god

    4. As an atheist I thought it was offensive as well. I want a boy who doesn't believe in god or have any religious affiliation because that view is so different from my own. Also, I thought the one about wanting boys who are taller than them was really petty. If you love someone you're going to care about who they are as a person, not their fucking height.

  7. So that's depressing. My boyfriend does maybe 4 of these...but, I still love him. Accept them as they are, I guess. Though I would certainly prefer these things...

  8. so essentially a guy has to be the girls emotional whipping boy for life, while maintaining a perfect persona and physique and believe in god. so fuck short guys, fuck guys with crooked teeth, any guy who wants to be individualistic and have a few moments to himself, NOPE. yeah, great list you idealistic, probable teenage girl who has taken advantage of boys while letting ones who dont meet her attractiveness scale fall by the wayside.

    1. no fuck the dumb list that you just read then. and dont call them idealistic for making a list. just cause you obviously settled for less doesnt make any of this less true. ad think twice before you write hateful shit like this online. karma will catch up to you. whats the matter, couldnt actually troll on face book? not clever enough, or witty enough, or even just smart eough. you were saying f** this f** that, i hope you are short and have crooked teeth and i hope your mom can work 2 jobs long enough to get that looked at.

  9. This is ridiculous. I don't want half of these, and the other half (and more) are things that any BOY would want as well. I hate these lists, the "50 things guys wish girls knew" and "what men don't know about women" and "10 things every girl needs". Every person is different, and these groupings based on gender are absolutely ridiculous. I'm not like this, but some girls are, and some boys are, and some boys aren't. Some black people are, some black people aren't. Some young people are, some young people aren't. These arbitrary segregation are silly, and offensive to a lot of people. Plus, I'm pretty sure MOST girls do not want a boy with a cute smile that looks like Justin Bieber. Just saying.

  10. Mature and not ridiculous.August 11, 2012 at 6:40 PM

    That's the dumbest thing I have ever read.
    What are you, 13?
    Grow up sweet heart. You can't expect boys to do these things for you. If you do, have fun with your cats.


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