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10 Things A Girl Should Do in 2012

2012 is here and a chance for every girl to move on with a fresh mind and a positive attitude, a new year is every men's birthday. So girls, leave your past behind, the best is yet to come in your way. Here are 10 things which every girl must do in 2012. Check them out.
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1. Sleep Well
You mind needs as much rest as your body does. You don't want Prince Charming to see those awful dark circles when he finally comes courting. Sounds like Avril Lavigne gone clumsy with her eye make up. Trust me, you don't want to look that, unless what you attain is something as perfect as how Avril really does it.

2. Know a Female Role Model's Life Story
There are so many wonderful women out there who made life as easy as it is for us today. We take something for granted that was once considered unimaginable. "Women, equal to men?" They would laugh and even the weaker of the female sex shuddered at the thought. Women have come a long way. Pick up a personality that appeals to you and read her life story. An occasional look into some historical figure biography is a treasure trove of life lessons.
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3. Set Goals
The age old principle of living a healthy, constructive life. Don't take this for granted! Are your goals aligned with your life's current flow? What skills do you require in attaining those goals? How do they benefit you and those around you? Are they still practical? How would you define them as something tangible as of now? Ask yourself these basic questions when defining them. Goals, objectives, aiming high towards them all play a vital role in building our self confidence. Do not take making new year resolutions as a chore or as plain fun. See it as a thought process that continuously mirrors all your efforts and see yourself as someone better than last year.

4. Sort Out Priorities
Goals and priorities go hand in hand. Do not expect a goal to quench your thirst for inner satisfaction if it does not fall somewhere around your priority list. Once you have some goals to work on, sort them out according to how and why they add something to your life. This step is a must do for every girl who wants to live a constructive life. Revise your priorties frequently and see if they are still aligned with how your life is carrying on.

5. Read More Books
I'm not talking about e-books here, please. I mean that old, traditional style of reading books tucked under a warm blanket by the fire. Books demand respect. They love to be sought, held, taken in word by word, adorned, and sometimes, read over and over. Old books with edges turned brown and page turned yellow with age are more the delight. Set a target to achive this year when it comes to book reading and give it your best shot. Oh, and make sure what you read is worth your time and attention.

6. Listen to Dance Music
Sure we've all had one particular song that brings out sad memories. They sat, sadness is beautiful, so you end up listening to that musical reminder of your woes over and over. Enough. Make a new playlist. Delete the old. Listen to dance music, smile if it makes you, laughing is even better. Don't be shy if you want to get up and start moving. Dance like no one's watching! This year is going to be yours!

7. Soul Searching
What's with everyone so super busy with today's grinding life that constitute of only work, work and more work? This year, set aside some time exclusively for you. Just when you think every thing is going a little too fast, see that as a signal from your brain that tells you you're getting short of a leisurely "Me" time. Do some soul searching. We've forgotten how good that feels.

8. Weight Loss
That's, like, nothing new dude. It's something we girls are eternally putting our efforts into. This year, be firm about it. That's where all the difference lies. Turn your intangible dreams about being size zero into something more attainable and practical like knowing what size actually suits you and what you're comfortable in. Not every one looks good in that skinny, tall rail image of fashion models. This year, works on a look that seems tailor made just for you. Remember, looking comfortable in your skin is more attractive than looking like a distant diva right off the ramp. [More on Weight Loss]

9. Be the Author of Your Own Story
Like they say, have a plan for yourself because if you let yourself be a part of someone else's story, chances are they might not really have a plan for you. At the end of this wonderous life, when you'll look back at what you achieved and what you lost, decisions and choices you made throughout your life will show you the person you have become over the years. Make sure no one else but you is the author of your story. If you're still a little on this pointer, it isn't too late. Hold the reins of your life in your hands, so whatever happens in the end, you know it was your choice and that should comfort you alone. If the decisions require you to be bold, step up, be brave. It's just a test, perhaps.

10. Be You
Faking never comes natural to anyone. The best people you come by are the ones you find are honest and genuine. No one fills your shoes better than yourself. Whatever the color of your skin, however the shape of your body or features, you're a beauty like none other. God carved you with His Hands. How can you be anything but beautiful, then? This year, make a resolution to be YOU. Whatever you achieve this year, carry your own self with it, proudly and graciously. You're the best, honey!

so make you 2012 awesome by following these 10 rules, do crazy stuff and don't forget to have fun. Happy 2012!

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