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Everyday Hair Care

Your hair tells all about you, from your diet to your life style. Everybody wants to have healthy and shinny hair. Here are some tips that will make a visible difference:
Beautiful Hairstyle - Front Braid
  1. Trim your hair once in 7 weeks to avoid split ends.
  2. Use a herbal shampoo, & if you don't want to, go for a mild shampoos.
  3. Keep yourself relax. Hair loss can happen because of stress.
  4. Avoid brushing wet hair & use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush.
  5. Don't use rubber bands and ponnies with steal locks.
  6. Most importantly Healthy food. Eat food that is rich in Vitamin B , C & E.
  7. Try to avoid using Heat tools as much as you can.
  8. Use a conditioner. As body lotion works for your skin, conditioner is moisturizer for your hair.
  9. Tie your hair before going to sleep. Normally we just ignore this point, but that creates a big difference. less tangles equals less chances of hair breakage.
  10. Oiling is only important when you've dry hair. Oil your hair but don't take it as a compulsion.
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  1. Making sure to receive your hair the right amount of nutrients is the first way in which you can take care of. To prevent your hair loss and help looking your hair healthier zinc, protein and other natural resources are used. In order to make sure that your hair stays thicker and healthier maintaining a balanced diet will also help. The beauty of your remaining body can be observed in the way the hair looks. This ensures to take care of your body in order to prevent hair loss.

  2. Trimming hair every 7 weeks? I think I always trim my hair every three weeks. Also, remember that hygiene is very important if you want to have healthy hair. When your hair is clean, it feels light, full and smooth to the touch with each hair free and hanging naturally. As it gets dirtier, it feels like the individual hairs are sticking together and it gets very flat all over. That’s when you wash it. If you wash it before it becomes noticeably dirty you hair quickly becomes too dry.

  3. As what most of us says, hair is our crowning glory, it is one of our asset and can add up the beauty. We should give importance to our hair, once damaged, it is not easy to repair or worst case, we cannot repair it anymore. We should choose the right shampoo. Shampoo could help us maintain a good and beautiful hair but there are shampoos that could damage our hair.


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