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7 Instant Stress Relief Ideas

Every one of us has been in the situation of stress sometime in our daily life. Stress is the most common psychological disorder and almost 99.9% of us are suffering from it in the form of anger, anxiety, threats and depressions. It's easy to get on and difficult to get rid. Experts found so many ways to overcome stress instantly, seven most effective ways to reduce stress are explained in this post:
7 Instant Stress Relief Ideas
Stress Relief Idea
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1) Think Positive Parts of Your life
When you're totally stressed and finding no way out, when every bit of thing is bothering you and when you think your life is good for nothing, start thinking positive things about your life, think about your achievements, your happy moments, your fun with friends and you'll definitely feel relief.

2) Hug Someone
When you're stressed, forget everything else and tightly hug someone close to you. It helps you to overcome all negative vibes and make you feel relax and think someone is there for you. 

3) Deep Breathing
Breath in, Breath out is the other way to calm yourself. When you're highly pissed or stressed, this method will help you to relax your nerves. Breath in and out is a yoga step that helps us to reduce muscles stress and provides oxygen to our mind. It definitely helps to reduce stress.

4) Shout/Talk/Write
When there's someone to whom you can share and you know they can listen you, say your stress out and share with someone. It's ok to share your secret with someone to talk or even shout. When you're alone and no one is there to listen to you, take a pen or open your writing pad, and transfer your stress into words, it's the most successful method to reduce stress and feel relax.

5) Think of God
The other effective way to cut your stress down is to do something religious or just close your eyes and feel God near to you and listening to your problems. This stress relief method will be helpful in relaxing you till long time.

6) Cry/Laugh
It’s all right  to express your emotions, you can laugh till your face turn red or cry loud so that everyone can come and ask what's happen. Crying is even not a bad idea; you can show you're weak because you'll be more stressed out showing you strong all time. 

7) Chocolates/Ice creams
Have sweets, chocolates, ice creams or candies when you feel stressed. This is the easiest way to reduce stress. So forget about the calories and weight you're putting on and have fun by feeling free.
So so so there's a idea for you:
7 Instant Stress Relief Ideas
Bye Bye Stress
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  1. I loved number 7, chocolate is best for every situation :) xx


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