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20 Things to Work Better

We love to be inspired and work on self improvement. Some of us are successful in dealing with daily hectic  life and lead a happy life and accomplish the whole life task successfully but not everyone. so the 2enty beautiful things for everyone to make their lives better and have a great and happy day every day.
Smile, Breath and Live a Life
1. Do one thing at one time
2. Know the problem
3. Learn to listen
4. Learn to ask questions
5. Get sense out of nonsense.
6. Accept change
7. Admit mistakes
8. Say it simple
9. Be nice to everyone
10. Learn to forgive
11. Be calm and cool
13. Smile everyday
14. Be thankful
15. Stay happy and satisfied
16. Enjoy little things
17. Forgive easily
18. Have chocolates
19. Be yourself
20. Love everyone

Hope you enjoyed them. the lil happiness in life make life bight and beautiful. Work on self improvement. Have fun and a good weekend ! 

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