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7 Ways to Start Your Day Fresh

7 Ways to Start Your Day Fresh
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A new day is a new start in life, and a good start can brighten your day and same the bad start can make you feel down all day long. A day should be fresh and fine, calm and peaceful, specially if it's Monday, a new week start. Here are some tips to brighten your day by giving you tips about the fresh start if a day.

1) Have Breakfast
So it's the start of the day, don't forget about having breakfast. Your stomach is hungry all night long and desperately need food now. Treat your stomach with a good and healthy breakfast, you can start with juices to energize you in morning. Avoid coffees and teas, they make your day dull due to caffeine in them.

2) Inspire Your Day
Start working on your daily inspiration, inspire yourself with something on your wake up call and make you feel happy that you'll accomplish it today. This will help you to think innovative and to feel fresh with a lil mind activity.

3) Exercise
Moring exercise is the best exercise, you can active your muscles in morning and it can help you remain active throughout the day. Morning exercises should be lighter and easier to keep you active all day long at your home or work. Remember morning exercises should be lighter as a morning walk or an easy workout, the exercise which tire you up will effect your whole working day.

4) Deep Breathing
This is the key to start a stress free, active and healthy day. Deep breath under the sky in open air. It'll provide fresh oxygen to your lungs and open up your brain to start a day with new exciting ideas.

5) Distance Your Alarm Clock
Never keep your alarm clock next to you, or even near to you. It disturbs your sleep when you snooze your alarm five times and it makes you irritate in the morning. If you keep your alarm clock on a distance, you'll have to wake up to stop the clock and it'll start your day way better than an irritating one.

6) Wake up Early
Early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise. The morning time is the best time to feel fresh, generate ideas, complete your pending things before starting work, get ready properly, look cute and start your work. If you make a habit to wake up early in the morning, you'll explore many things you were never aware of. The beauty of nature, and the calmness of your surroundings will give you a new thinking towards life. 

7) Think on Your Bedroom Color Scheme
Is your bedroom color scheme is of your choice? Is your room is well decorated and according to your taste? Do you want to change it? If yes then do it today, so that when you open your eyes every morning, you find a room of your own taste. It will help you feel really good and create a very positive impact on your day.

So these are some simple and helpful tips to start the day feeling fresh and calm. They are small changes that can improve your mood and productivity. Say goodbye to all dull feelings, and say welcome to your bright days!


  1. Number 5 is definitely something I need to put into practice. Thinking about number 7, I like the calming green colours of my room but I should really stop piling up paper and books; clutter is not appealing.

    I'm going to make an attempt for at least one of these tomorrow morning. Thank you for this post. :)

  2. I need to practice all of these, but I'll start with #6 in the morning. It's kind of hard though with a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a newborn. Found your blog through the Monday Mingle blog hop. Now your newest GFC follower, Twitter follower and Facebook fan :)


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