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5 Reasons to Love Your Single Life

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It's fun to live a life with someone, either you're gay or straight. But it's more fun to stay single. We, humans, always want a stable life with someone, and as we get it, we always want to be single again. So here are 5 reasons that every married (or in a relationship) girl gives to love single life.

1) Eat Wherever, Whatever
When you're single, you're never worried about what you're eating in breakfast; you don't care if you're skipping a lunch or just having snacks in dinner. Instead you can try breakfast items in dinner and dinner items in supper as well. As soon as you're with someone, you've to cook for them and eat according to their eating habits.

2) Every Side is Your Side
Yea I'm talking about bed side, you never bother to sleep on left side and always follow the same, and the whole Queen Size bed is all yours. You don't need to stress yourself that he's taking more space and always choosing the most comfortable side.

3) Flirting is Fun
Being with someone is like you're bound to love with them and only to them. Sometimes you jus NEED TO flirt around without caring that you're a single man girl, to make contacts and change the same steady life you're dealing with jus one person.

4) More Fun-time with Friends
The best thing is you can have time with your friends and family. Whenever you're free, you can give them a call or ask them for some meet up. But when you're in a relationship, whenever you're free, you've to stay with one same man, and maximum fun you can do is on your sofa, watching a television show. Even the all type of other fun means so meaningless to you after sometime.

5) Live as You Want
You don't need to go to beauty salons to have facials or shaving your legs or even wearing a heavy perfume all time. You don't need to impress and show off to someone all time, you don't need to worry about how you're looking. You can eat, drink, have fun, sleep on your own timings and you can have your own life which is ruled by you and only you.

Finally, I'm not suggesting you to dump your man and live a single life, but this is the message for all those girls who're sick with this single life. Life worth living on your own, without waking up early for someone else and decorating yourself for them. You're enough for yourself, and you're successful in living a life as far as you're happy with what you're.

and last dose for all single ladies there.
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  2. Loving this post,need this right now. (Although, I don't think I should let my mum see this. haha)


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