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Weight Loss is a Fun Process

Weight Loss Humor? Is it good to laugh at ourselves?

It’s different for everyone, but I saw people so worried about gaining weight and getting fat day by day. Depressing over the situation, starving and working hard for it and still NOT getting the value results. All these things leads to permanent stress and tension. They start hesitant towards things and avoid people around them. And I wonder is it good? For a moment, forget about this question, and laugh on this Weight Loss Jokes I'm sharing with you. 

And Remember It's good to laugh at ourselves ... So lets smile on some weight loss jokes. 

It’s important to remember that you aren't alone in your weight loss efforts, and sometimes when you’re struggling it’s good to see the “lighter” side of your problem. 

I was fat sometime back and to be honest, it's natural to Over-think about your own body when you're living with the state of mind that people think you're NOT SO PERFECT. I saw people laughing on my back on my fat ass and dumb structure, but I was helpless. But when I decided to forget about the negative energies around and work on me, no one could stop me, Not even my laziness. I lost 17 kg till now, seriously No Jokes 17 Kg in 6 months. I want to share my ideas and techniques with my awesome readers, and I'm starting it from next week, Every Wednesday. So from next week every Wednesday would be Weight Loss Wednesday on She Exists.

So make your Wednesday as a Fun day for looking slim and smart and don't forget that weight loss is only possible when you free yourself from stress and tensions. So take it as a fun activity and keep in mind what the image below is trying to say..

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Love your body as it's. because you can't take care of something you hate.


  1. Love the last line!!!!!! :)

    And the comics are simply great!!! :)

  2. haha lol very funny .. and at the end it's a great inspiration for all so fat people :P like me :(

  3. I love this post! It made me laugh! Found you at mingle monday. Hope you will stop by and say hi!
    -Mackenzie @ www.fridaynightdatenight.blogspot.com


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