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Makeup Tips: How to Apply Lip Makeup

Sealed with a Kiss - Tips for Lipstick and Lip gloss.
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In my last tutorial, I described how to Choose and Apply Foundation, and Eye Shadows. Today I'm describing how to apply smooth lipstick for everyday makeup.

Lip Makeup- Lipstick Lip Liner Lip Gloss
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How to Apply Lipstick
  • Start by applying lip balm for intense moisturizing and SPF protection.
  • Next, using a lipstick fill the entire lip area starting from the middle to the corners edges.
  • Rub your lips together to blend and blot of excess of color with a tissue.
How to Apply Lip Gloss
  • For extra shine apply lip gloss over lipstick or bare lips.
  • Apply only in the center of lips if you want natural looks.
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