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5 Ways to Make Him Respect You ..

A Girl Worth Nothing but Respect.
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Respect is the first brick on which your relationships stand. When the two respect each other they stay satisfy together but it's noticed many times that with time one of the partner loses respect for other. I'm not partial and biased but in 99% of cases it's found that a guy loses respect for his girl. So here is a guide for girl to make him to respect you, so that your relationship go steady and you stay happy together, Forever.

1. Respect Yourself
If you don't respect yourself (your thoughts, your dreams, your body, etc), how can you expect anyone else to?  No man will respect a woman who doesn't respect herself. So how do you respect yourself?  By liking yourself.  By knowing who you are and being true to that.  By having boundaries that you allow no man (or woman) to cross.  A woman who respects herself doesn't chase after men. She doesn't need someone else's acceptance in order to feel good about herself.  She believes in herself and holds out for relationships with people who also believe in her.  And she never ready for the relationship in which she knows she’ll be treated badly.

2. Assert Yourself 
You aren't the boss of him.  But you most certainly are the boss of yourself.  You determine the course of your life.  No one else!  And you absolutely have control over charting your direction.  Men respect women who have their own goals and opinions.  Adopt the attitude that “What you want in life..”. Men respect women who know what they want and have the strength to get it.

3. Maintain Yourself
You waited for the Mr. Perfect and He knows he’s not perfect, nobody is perfect but for sure he wants you to think that he’s perfect. Making sense? But making him the center of your universe puts way too much pressure on him and expect him to do everything for you, it’s almost impossible for a human being. Make your mind that he’s also a human and need some space, time and respect. Second, the fuller your life and the more comfortable you are with him, the more he'll respect you.

4. Control Yourself
One of the fundamental problems with relationships is that most men believe that 99.9% of women are (at least a little bit) crazy when they get upset or in anything. Men get irritate by this and makes more you upset after that. Try to keep the drama to a minimum.  If he's habitually upsetting you to the point you are having trouble controlling your emotions, you should probably assess whether or not he's the guy for you. 

5. Save Yourself
Life is not a fairy tale.  And, for most of us, the three letter word SEX is essential to our relationships.  But here's the deal when it comes to this essential and respect. It’s a proven fact that the faster you allow him to do EVERYTHING with you, the faster he'll lose respect for you. Judge him before doing everything with you and if he's not showing respect before you this, he's certainly not going to treat you with it afterwards.

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  2. wow!.. Great! Thanks for sharing and I've learn from this too.. :) thanks a lot! Keep sharing more..:)

  3. Love this article!! No woman should be denied respect at any cost, but like you said... it all starts with you, yourself!! Great post!

  4. I love this article..well said!!!!


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