10 Start-up-Dos - Weight Loss Wednesday - 2 - She Exists

10 Start-up-Dos - Weight Loss Wednesday - 2

Start-up Ideas for Weight Loss
Want to lose weight? Let’s join us on Weight Loss Wednesday on She Exists! In my last post I talked about the 5-Psychological Dos we can start with, that were Make up Your Mind, Motivate Yourself, Be Positive, Set Small Milestones, Make a Plan for You. Check complete post Here. Now when you’re done making up your mind, you can now work on your plans. So today I’ll talk about the start-up steps to cut some pounds down:

1) Check Scale Every Week
The first thing before even starting the efforts is to check the number on scale, I remember I , myself said that this number is not important but your self satisfaction and inner beauty is, but It’s important for the start of effort and keep the track of your progress. Make a habit to check the scale once in a week. Not more than once, it’s the best psychological trait to reduce your weight. 

2) Spare an Hour
In my last post I mentioned to make a plan for you, now act on that plan. Spare an hour only for you in your all hectic day and spend on your plan. It can be morning, evening or night time as suit to your routine. but keep in mind that NEVER change or let anyone interfere in that time.

3) Work on your Eating Habits
i. The first step towards weight loss process is to eat healthy when it comes about taking actions and putting efforts. Work on your eating habits.
ii. DO NOT STARVE, eat healthy but don’t take TOO MUCH HEALTHY FOOD.
iii. Eat less and healthy to fulfill the daily meal requirements. Take high protein and less carbohydrates food. 
iv. Don't eat in hurry, all food is yours. 
v. Avoid eating fried stuff and fast food; replace it with fruits, vegetable salads and high protein food. Avoid mayo and cheesy stuff as well.

4) See What you Drink
When it comes about drinks, nothing can ever compete water. It’s 0 calories drink, fulfill our hydrating requirements, keep our cholesterol in control and dissolve our fats into liquid. Take minimum 12-16 glass of water a day to reduce your weight. It’s good to keep a bottle with you all time. At start you’ll feel a bit heavy and stomach out but then you’ll start reducing fast.
It's better to take water and herbal teas instead of soft drinks, teas and coffee. 
Plus there’re other lots of benefits we can get from water, it helps us from shrinking our liver size and keep our skin moist and fresh. 

5) Walk an Hour
The effective way to reduce weight is the continuous and steady effort; daily walk is the best option for healthy weight loss. Fast walk with small paces is the best continuous effort which enhances your metabolism rate and very effective in weight loss effort.

6) Do Light Exercises
Exercises are the way to tire you up and burn some calories. Tire you with 30 minutes of yoga, aerobics or cardio and get more calories burn in one go. Warm-up with 5 to 10 minutes of cardio session and then you can go with aerobics and yoga.

7) Get More Active
Walking, cycling, stairs climbing, rope skipping, football and swimming or anything of your choice are the sports bases exercises and very helpful in weight loss efforts and keep you active. Be more activate and participant in different activities than staying lazy on couch and watching television with snacks and put on weight. Stay active and get more chances to reduce your pounds.

8) Keep a Food Dairy
Now when you’re putting too efforts, you should keep the nutritious you are taking in and the fitness efforts you are putting on and the goals you are following, in a small food diary. Write the calories you are taking in foods, glass of waters drinking. Calculate the efforts you are putting on and results you are getting out.

Things to Remember:
With all things I mentioned above, don’t forget to work on your psychological part in parallel. Don’t forget the things mentioned below.

9) Work Smart than Work Hard
It’s not important to work hard, it’s important to work smart. If you spend all your day in starving and working hard and still not getting same results, think that you’re doing something wrong. Correct your nutrition, fitness and other goals towards your success.

10) Keep the Positive Attitude Alive
If you are not getting desired results, don’t be panic, it’s not a one night show, and it takes continuous efforts, big passions and very positive attitude towards weight loss and you'll be healthy and reduced very soon.

Stay tuned on She Exists for Weight Loss Plans on Wednesdays. We hope we’ll give you some courage and motivation to reduce and get what you always wish for in few weeks. And Don’t forget:
You are amazing as you are.
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