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Some Fragrance Advises

How to use a Perfume/ Fragrance
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3 Fragrance Tips
1. When trying a fragrance on your skin, let it dry for a moment before smelling. It is important to let the fragrance develop properly in order to do it justice.
2. Don't rub the fragrance on your skin, as rubbing will ruin the delicate molecules.
3. Eating spicy food or garlic may alter the way a fragrance smells on your skin!

Fragrance Storage
Fragrances are perishables and this makes storage very important. Do not place your bottle in direct sunlight, or in the cold refrigerator as it might damage your fragrance. Place your favourite fragrance in its carton in a place that is not too cold and not too warm.

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  1. I'll be honest... I didn't know about these tips at all.... thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn't knew the tips, though I love colognes :) xxx


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