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How to Choose Foundation of Skin Type and Color

How to Choose Foundation of Skin Type and Color
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The foundation is a cosmetic applied after putting on the makeup primer. The foundation covers up all the small blemishes on the face. It evens out the skin tone and hides wrinkles and large pores. This cosmetic is applied before applying all the other makeup products because it serves as the base where other cosmetics can set on to. 

Type of Foundations
Types of Foundations
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There are numerous types of foundation available in department stores. The different kinds of foundation are
1) Liquid foundation
2) Cream foundation
3) Cake foundation
4) Waterproof foundation
5) Mineral foundation
6) Spray foundation.

Foundation Makeup for Skin Type and Color
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Foundation and Skin Types
Liquid foundations are appropriate for most skin types and you can choose between the oil-based and water-based type. The oil-based foundation is suitable for people with dry skin because it contains an emollient that make the skin soft and smooth. People with oily skin can opt for the water-based one because the oil can clog their pores and cause acne. The water-based type provides a lighter coverage compared to the oil-based one. Generally, liquid foundations blend very well and provide a natural and smooth finish. Cream foundations are good for people with dry skin because they contain moisturizing agents that provide heavy coverage. Cake foundation, on the other hand, is ideal for those with oily skin because it absorbs excess oil. They can also be used as concealer to cover up scars and blemishes. Waterproof foundations are usually used during humid weather because ordinary foundations tend to melt when sweat is released from the pores. Mineral foundation and mineral makeup in general, are very popular nowadays. This can be compatible for all skin types. Some of these contain medication and to heal skin problems such as acne. Spray foundations are also medicated to aid in the healing of acne and other skin problems.

Foundation and Skin Color
The foundation that you must use should correctly match your skin color. To test for the matching foundation, apply it on your jaw line and see if the color matches the skin color on the neck. This method is more appropriate than applying the foundation on your hand because the skin tone on the hand can be very different compared to the skin tone on the face and neck. These are the tips in choosing the best foundation and you can find more of these by asking experienced makeup artists or by researching on the internet.

A good foundation and a better application can change your whole makeup face. Tell me if you find the post informative. Share your views and ideas about makeup foundations.

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