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Ramadan and Health

The holy month of Ramadan is celebrating by Muslims all over the world and though it's quite late to make a post about the health and diet tips of Ramadan but it's always better to be late than sorry. We have more 14 days to correct our days and stay healthier while fasting by following these 7 key steps:
1) Never Skip the Morning Meal:
Suhoor (morning meal) is the most important meal for starting your fast. Never skip your morning meal, this meal will provide you energy throughout your fast. Take minimum 2 dates (khajoor) and 0.5 liter water. This meal will consume all day in fast.

2) Wakeup at least Before 30 Minutes:
To make up your mind to eat on an unusual routine, wake up at least 30 minutes before suhoor (dawn, morning meal) time. If you get up before 10 or 15 minutes, your mind wouldn't be ready to eat. And even if you want to eat proper, you'll eat in hurry, which would be quite dangerous for health.

3) Sleep Early at Nights:
To spend a healthy life in Ramadan, it's most important to sleep at least 5 hours continuously. It'll help you u stay fresh and active the next day.

4) Walk then Workouts:
As your body is taking lesser meals in day, your metabolism rate automatically reduces down and you start feeling low. Usually then it's difficult to go for routine workouts. The best solution to utilize this time in walking after taking suhoor (morning meal) meal and before taking iftar (evening meal) meal. A 20-30 minutes’ walk will help your digestion system to work fine.

5) Eat Healthy than Eat a lot:
Don't make Ramadan an eating contest, eat less but healthy to fulfill the daily meal requirements. Avoid taking instant energy drinks, no doubt they will give you energy but save them for the meal after iftar (evening meal). Drink water or take a khajoor (date) for iftar (evening meal), it's recommended and scientifically proved that they help to start a good meal. Don't eat in hurry, now all food is yours. Avoid eating fried stuff and fast food, replace it with fruits, vegetable salads and high protein food.
For those who want to reduce weight, avoid mayo and cheesy stuff as well.
Replace fried food with green stuff.
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6) Prayers and Mental Health:
It's observed a lot that Ramadan helps a lot in balancing physical as well as mental health. The tendency and will to do something bad is reduced when you fast. Additionally praying 5 times Salat and other prayers clean the negative energies from your daily routine.

7) Drink a lot during Eating Breaks:
The most important tip to stay healthy in Ramadan is to drink a lot during eating breaks. Drinking less may cause dehydration and may lead to unhealthy Ramadan till end. The best drink to fulfill the water deficiency is 0 calorie water itself. 
Water is Zero Calorie
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P.S. Ramadan is not the month for weight reduction and planning the diets, but it surely helps to correct the diets in the holy month for everyone.
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