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How and Where to Buy High Heels

All women die for heels, and this is even not that wrong, even Cinderella found her Prince Charming through these high heels. If there were no high heels, there were no Cinderella and Prince Charming would be in the arms of one of the step sister. So today’s guide is about the high heels purchase. How and where to buy heel..
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Where to Buy High Heels:
The first question is where to go to buy high heels and the simple answer is as for all other things, there are online shops, offline shops, local brand stores, and other discounted stores around.

Online Shopping: There are several online stores who deliver at your door. All you need to select a heel of your choice, order and pay and the order will be at your door. You have a wide range of items and good deals of prices on several stores and you can choose any of them. The only drawback in this shopping is that you are unable to try before you order and you may be the victim of “No Return”.

Offline Shopping: So the better shopping for high heels is to go out in your area, check all stores and purchase a branded or non-branded heel. You can select, try and consult about the heels you are going to purchase with the support at the outlets. This method is easy and recommended, and only fails just in case you don’t have good brands stores in your area.

Discounted Offers: There are several sales and discounted offers on both online and offline heels sale. This method of purchase is highly not recommended ‘cause you may be the victim of a purchase of a defected shoe.

How to Buy High Heels?
You have choose a shop to buy heels, now it comes to the point that how to choose a good heel for you. There are many things one should care about before purchasing heels.

Time for Shop: Your feet sizes vary all day, believe this fact and choose the end time of day to purchase a heel. At the end of day, your feet swell a bit and then you can get the maximum size of your feet.

Know Your Size: You should know your exact size before shopping heels, you can check online or at heel/shoe shop. Note that different brands come with different shoe size. If you already know your size, it helps you to select the shoe in your size’s comfort and availability range.

Select Your Choice: Now the thing comes to select the heel of your choice. The color, design and prices, everything matters. Select a heel which suits you better on the following criteria.

a) Know Your Body Type: There are several bodies which don’t support heels. Or a specific type of heel. For example, if you are bulky, you may hurt your back while wearing the high pencil heels. You may choose flat heels then. You may the victim of backache for choosing wrong heels which doesn't suit your body type.

b) Comfort Comes First: One thing never compromise on buying heels (actually every shoe) is comfort. You are spending your bucks in buying heels; you should be very comfortable in whatever kind of heel you are purchasing. Be sure that your feet’s bottom is touching the lining of heels. And not hurting your ankle or toes. It’s not loose or tight to your feet.

c) Walk and Try: The best way to check shoes comfort is to wear it, walk around and check if it’s hurting you or easy for you. Walk few laps is very important, it helps you in judging whether you should go with the heels or try another one.

d) Check the Heel: Now check the heel, if it’s glued or stitched. It’s durable or delicate. Ask for the guarantee of heels. Don’t go for rubber or any other slippery material in heels.

e) Check Shoe Material: With heels, check all around the heels, its toe area, its inline lining, sole, and everything. Check if the shoe is worth spending the amount of price what the brand is asking or overpriced. Be sure about you are getting what are the attribute listed for these heels.

f) Don’t Forget to Try Both: Don’t forget to try the pair you selected and both heels. There may be a chance of vary size of foot or a defective other piece of heel. Sometimes you get a fresh piece what you never tried, don’t forget to try that one too.

Ask for the Return Policies: Heels, after an hour of purchase, never act same as they were at the time of purchase. Do ask about the return policies and the warranty of heels.

Don’t Spend A lot/ Never Spend on: Don’t overpay if you think it’s not worth that much. Plus never overpay the trendy or discounted heels. They go out of fashion soon and discounted heels may be have hidden defects.
Shopping makes a woman please more than her husband.
Hope you find the article helpful; do send me your feedback and suggestions or any other tip which I left. Enjoy shopping heels.
Have a good day.


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