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7 Tips: How to Spend Eight Hours at Work?

All those who think she can't work are surely men.
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Honestly 9 to 6 duty is not that easy and specially if you are a woman and managing a home or even if you don’t have much responsibilities at home, you need to care about many things ‘cause you are a woman and you have to maintain your dignity. So there are seven easy steps to follow and spend a good working day.

1) Be Easy and Look Cool
I’ve seen many woman wearing uneasy clothes at work, which are many times fit for parties not for work. Put on easy clothes whatever looks good with you and according to your work culture. Be easy in shoes you are wearing, prefer a pump on open toe high heel and a gladiator on flat slipper. If you are front desk working woman, put on light and decent makeup, light foundation, eyeshades, eyeliner, a light lip gloss, and smooth blushes. Don’t go for mascara, thick bases, heavy eyeshades and dark lipsticks unnecessarily ‘cause makeup on your face for eight hours can damage your skin. If you are working in technical and not involve with public dealing, keep yourself easy with clothes, shoes and very light or no makeup. Wear simple and decent jewelry if you like. Don’t wear uneasy hand bands or bangles if your work is related with typing. Don’t forget to put your fragrance on, but don’t go with loud and irritating smells, use some natural smell deodorant or body spray or maybe a perfume if you like. The key tip to look fresh and beautiful at work is to be easy in what you are wearing. Take frequent breaks of 5 to 10 minutes, keep yourself fresh and active.

2)  Keep Your Gadgets with You
Don’t forget to keep your gadgets in your bag with you. Your work, debit and credit card, wallet, phone, ipod, umbrella; just in case you travel on local transport, your favorite book, necessary makeup and hairbrush, body spray and pad or tampon. These things are important to keep in your handbag you carry with you at work and would be very helpful in case of any emergency.

3) Interaction with Male Colleagues
Understand the thing that you are working in an office not in your home, you need to interact with the opposite gender as well. Keep your mind straight and don’t over think about their existence, be cool and confident ‘cause they are jus your colleagues and walk and talk normally in their presence. If your job nature is physical, try to be in more comfortable and covered dresses. If your job nature is more interactive with men, it’s good to work in a friendly atmosphere. Don’t be shy or hesitant, jus have faith on you, believe that you are equally capable.

4) Manage Your Time
Being a woman and having other responsibilities too, a home is waiting for you there; you need to manage your work more efficiently than men. Try to complete your work first. Keep your concentration at work than other not-so-related stuff, like gossiping or bitching. Complete your work done on time to avoid late sittings and working holidays.

5) Interaction with Family
Don’t forget to inform your family about the time you’ll leave office and time you’ll arrive back to home. Concentration on work is important but informing home about your day routine is the most important thing. Do tell them if you are changing your routine temporally or permanently, it’ll help you to be safe and lesser problems at home due to work.

6) Working Late or Working Holidays
Working eight hours is no doubt tough for a woman but it’s routine, but jus in case there are overload of work and you have to sit additional work hours, or work on holidays or weekends, jus be sure that the security is there, your working area is safe, someone else, a trustworthy one, is coming with you. It’s good to call your friend at work with you. Keep informing your family that how much time remaining and when you’ll be back to home.

7) Carry Your Confidence with You
The last but the most important tip for a working woman to spend eight hours at work is to not forget to carry a smile on your face, your positive energies and confidence with you. You are not at home so act mature and prove yourself that you exist and you can do everything equal to the men.

Keep your dignity and Prove that you can do it, equally better as men.
Are you a working woman? What problems you do face while working? What steps you can take to improve your eight hours at work? how you manage your time at work with home? Share your tips with us… Enjoy working.. 


  1. Wonderful sharing, besides doing my job to my best, I have plenty to attend at home once I get back home.
    Being married to someone who is highly committed to his job, I have blended very well with it as he completes me in the ways I like.

    Thanks for informing me on your new block and looking forward to exchanging more views about life. Keep in going and take care.

  2. thanks for the tips. i like them all for sure i specially miss things in my purse .. but this list is helpful

  3. Hi dear! I love the new look of your blog! :)
    Thanks for the tips! :) Awesome! :)

  4. the just "Concentrate on Work" because distraction is more at home :D

  5. hi aish. thank you for inviting me over. This post is really helpful. How about for those women like me who are working at home? If you could post or research something like that it would really be helpful. :D THanks a lot again. :D See you around.

  6. i know we all suffered a lot from 9 to 5 a day, leaving my family and sacrificing the time i should spend my kids, and husband. Listen to everyone and keep the boss happy........ It's all included in my daily routine. I found this article useful. Sharing it.


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