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7 Places to Get Writing Inspirations

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So almost everyone believe same that writing is not an easy task, it’s quite tough. I usually take a lot of time in searching and thinking a topic, researching over the key points, making mind to write and then start writing. Those who read decide in a minute about the content and never understand the pain of writer in searching the inspiration and content for writing. To help all my fellow bloggers and content writers, today I’m writing the seven places from where you can search the inspiration for writing.

1) Digital World (Internet)
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So the first one is an obvious one, almost everyone of us use internet the most to get inspiration for writing. Surfing over the internet, joining social sites, reading good blogs… everything helps us giving an inspiration to write. I strongly believe that internet is the strongest and most commonly used way to get an inspiration to start writing. If you get an idea of some writing, jus ponder a bit, do some research and get your content ready.

2) Printing Material (Books and Magazines)
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Books and magazines are the other option. They broaden the mind and shows and tells us the places and things, we have never been through. A digital material is good for reading but it can NEVER lesser down the value of a book. The printing content helps a lot to get the idea of good writings and well organized content.

3) TV Shows and Movies
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There are loads of television shows and movies which inspire to write, they have some scream in them. You can search a topic out of a television show or a movie and convey to your audience in your own words.

4) Lyrics and Musical Beats
Music is My Lifeline.
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Music is another choice and for someone like me it’s the best choice, specially for those who love writing about the romance and love. The beats of music and the lyrics sometimes give you an idea to start writing about something and your interest in the topic will let you write on it.

5) Everyday Conversation
Group Conversation
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Daily conversations, discussions, and even fights sometime; with friends, family or randomly give a big inspiration to shout and write it all.

6) Blogging Blogger Blog
Blog Blog I Love You Blog
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Reading others blogs helps a lot to get an inspiration of writing. Here I want to add one thing that inspiration never means copying the whole stuff (plagiarism). You can inspire by the way they write, what the write and how they write, and can give a try to write a unique and way better than them. 

7) Observing Life
A Life outside My Window
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What we see, feel and listen around us, and the people who live with us inspire us the most in content we write, how we write and what topic we write. I believe that when we open up we ear and eyes and all other senses, observe the life around us, we find many topics to write and we can have many content even from the scenario we were passing on.

So Dear Reader..!!
These are all working ideas of finding an inspiration to write, in searching the writing topic and in finding the best writing content. Hope it’ll help you in your blogging.
Like the Ideas? Share your views, add something if I missed and tell me what make you inspire when you start writing? Additionally.. Those who want to write with She Exists can submit their post Here or can send a direct Email
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  1. this is so cute and very informative post.
    but do you think not so technical writers like me can also join writing?? you can say a no or may be :P

  2. you are again coming up with wonderful sevens. :) i really stalking your blog a lot .. keep rocking ;)

  3. great article, music’s my personal favorite :)

  4. Its called the writers block as some days the words don't just come out of my mind. So, I go on with my normal routine and when the block is gone, I will get to my blog,

  5. Thanks for the info given for the tips for writing inspiration.
    Yes writing skills are very necessary


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