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10 Things Big Girls Hate About Their Guys

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While growing up old, not only her looks and styles changes but also her way of thinking, the code of living and the requirements about the Perfect Man. Her Prince Charming suddenly changes from Justin Biber to Eric Bana. She gets more sober and decent, same as her choices and living styles.

This is a proven fact that girls love to be a baby forever and hate to grow up but on the other side when they leave teen and enter in a mature period, they want their guy to be more caring and having a mature attitude towards life. So today here is the list of 10, the things which mature girls hate about their guys.

1) Talk a lot about One Thing
He: Are you down?
She: Yes, I’ve headache.
He: jus headache, anything else?
She: Not really
He: What happened? Your answer sounds sarcastic..
She: Nothing
He: Are you sure?
She: Yes
He: I knew something happened tell me what?
She: %>@@#>$#%>@#$@%%^&^&*^>!@@!@$@#$#%$^%&&^*%$#@$7*&(&*)&!#@@!#!@ 
Can You Please Shut up...!
So honestly big, mature girls hate this thing the most. Talk about one thing and think as she’s the most irresponsible girl in this whole universe. Keep on reminding and talking about it again and again. This thing irritates girls a lot.

Dear Boy!
She can hear once and she’s sensible enough to listen and understand in one go. Can’t you give her a break and talk about anything else? Come’ on !

2) Acting like Teenagers
He: Hey was’up?
She: Nothing, working
He: let’s have some chit chat?
She: Working right now, anything important?
He: No, but I feel that you don’t love me anymore
She: Come’ on.
He: Why you are so late in replying?
She: I’m working and I hate texting and this is irritating me right now. And please I’ll talk to you later when I’ll be free.
He: Are you serious?
She: @#$#%@!$!@$$%^%^&&^()*$$@#$@$!@$^*&^(*&(*%$@#$!@#@!@#%^
Give me a break..!!
Ehh this one is even I hate the most about guys. I mean this is a fact thing I state already that even mature and sensible girls loves being baby like and never wants to grow up but guys come’ on. You can’t do same, you’re not a girl or ARE YOU...  OMG !!!
Mature girls hate interrupting all time, hate texting, hate to hang on phone till he says Love You, hate to stay up in nights for jus to say a Good Night to him or hate to confess all time that the feelings are mutual.

Dear Boy!
Can you please try to be a bit mature? You are no more 16; you need to act like a real man. Do something big for her, keep her with you forever and prove that you’re the right choice for her.

3) Making it Fake
She: I’d a car accident; wasn’t major, but I thought to tell you.
He: Omg ! You ok? I’m coming.
She: No, it was minor, I’m fine.
He: No no I’m coming.
She: not required at all. I’ll be at home in sometime.
He: oo baby, take care of yourself, and I knew it something bad gonna be happen with my love, I’d a bad dream. So I’m going to pray for my baby to get well soon. And you don’t know how much I’m worried about you and want to come to see you.
She: @#$@#%%^&*()*(%$#$#@$!@$!@$@$%^*&*()*_())()_T$#%!@#!#~~!#$#*()
Get Real!
I mean she knows it’s good if he cares and shows it, but there’s no point to fake about it. Not in jus caring, big girls hate guys when they fake about things and lie.

Dear Boy!
It’s not easy to make a girl fool but if you think you’re doing it since long and she’s not aware, she must be giving you chances or must love you a lot.

4) Wearing Casual in Parties
She: It’s my sister’s wedding and you’re wearing this Green t-shirt with Yellow tattoos, and your jeans and joggers.
He: Oh! I was in hurry. HeHe.
She: @#$#@%#$%$^%^&^*&(**^%&^%&%**(@!#$#*()*(&(^*^&%#%#$%#$%#$%$

Mature girls hate when their guys wear casual dresses in formal functions. It’s acceptable in casual parties but guys love to stay casual and girls hate to see their guys in casual dresses.

Dear Boy!
Use your common senses; try to think with your mind that what suits with what occasion, look good, make her feel good and proud being associated with you.

5) Cry Babies
He: Why didn’t you call me yesterday?
She: I forgot.
He: Why you always do this to me… you know how much you mean to me, you know how much I miss you, you know…
She: @#$#$%^%&*&(*)(**&&$#@#@!#~!#$%^%&*&()&)*)*#@!#~!#!#@$%^$%&*&&(&*$#!@#!
Big girls hate crying and shying boys. It’s so girlish to cry and shy over things and girls hate when guys do same.

Dear Boy!
Be a man and it says it all.

6) Driving Fast
Grown up girls, those who are not so adventurous, hate when their guys drive fast, call or text while driving or drive carelessly and not listen to her.

Dear Boy!
She cares for you, for you, for her, for your love.

7) Football or Me?
She: Hey... I wanna tell you…
He: Later honey, Arsenals are going good right now. Yayy Goal !
She:  w#^&*&(&&^%$#@!!@^&(_)*&^$%#$@~!@#!@#%^)(_(*)&(^%$#$@#!@~$%^(*&^%$#@#!~@
It tells that how important I’m for him.
The big fights happen when she gets less attention or he avoids her. Its reasonable excuse if he’s busy but is the football match or going out with friends or all other random activities are more important than her?

Dear Boy!
Mature girls understand your activities and never bother you in your time and if she’s there must be some reason behind it.

8) Appearing Insecure
He: Who was on phone?
She: Friend
He: Who friend?
She: You don’t know him
He: How do you know him?
She: He was in my college.
He: Why he called now?
She: @!#@$#%$^%&^*&(&**&$%#$@$#%$^^&*&^%$#@#@$%^&*()_(*&^%$#!@@##$%^&
Give me space!
Every girls love care and attention but only if it’s not ruining their personal space and security. If their guys start getting on their nerves by getting insecure about every minor thing, they hate it till death.

Dear Boy!
Trust is the basic brick in every relationship, if you don’t trust her, you don’t love her at all.

9) Fighting In-front of Others
She: Please don’t shout me in front of your family.
He: it shows how much I love you.
She: @!#@$#@%$#^&*)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@!~@#$%^&*(+_)(*&^%$#@!
Get a Life!
Mature girls know that how to be good and show how good couple you are in front of others and hate when their guys reveal the things between two to everyone else.

Dear Boy!
I know you love fighting with me, but in front of everyone? Ehh ! Get some privacy on..

10) Think She’s Ignorant
He: forget it you don’t know how to do it
She: Huh but I even did it prior than you.
What you think about you?
Grown up girls are mature, you can trust on their knowledge and abilities,. If they don’t know something, they will admit it with open heart but if they are so sure that she can do that she will do it by hook or by crook. Girls hate when guys make them feel ignorant being a girl.

Dear Boy!
She’s mature enough to handle things. You should trust on her abilities to avoid this situation.
Guys claims that all these things we mention a lot and fight over are minor but they never understand that the small things turns to major fights. 

So girls add some reason if you have any.. Send us your feedback and comments.. We're waiting for them. 


  1. agreed every single point

  2. i enjoyed reading this post from start to end, and i nodded my head on every other point cx my husband is same in few things and i literally hate him doing that. ha ha


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