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Once upon a Time?

Time is companion that stays with us, it reminds us the best time of our life we had, ‘cause it will never come back. But with these reminders it tells us that what we are living behind isn’t that important. Important is the time we are living in. While thinking a lot about what's past, Don't mess your today, and keep yourself ready for future.
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I don't wanna say once upon a time, I'll keep the charm of every moment with me always. 
The random Thought was wandering in my mind this Thursday is, that I got the reason to be happy in present, 'cause with thinking a lot about what is past and I couldn't had, is jus a time waste and a source of negative energy what ruins the perfect presents of present.

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  1. This is so true. We ignore the present and let its everyday wonders slip through our fingers, lamenting the past or wishing for some time in our future. Carpe Diem!

  2. you are an inspiration. i love your quotes :)

  3. be happy and write happy. sweeets .

  4. awesome blogging.. wonderful work...

  5. luv luv luv it... beautiful!


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