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10, 9, 8 … and Never Trust on ...

Life about trusts our feelings and taking chances, losing, finding, happiness and sadness, live with our memories and learn from the past experiences. I read somewhere that Trust is a far greater compliment than love. And trust is like a paper that once crumpled and never be perfect again but there are several things that are understood to never be trusted about. So this 10, 9, 8 post is about same facts which you should never trust about:

10) Ad's that Claim to be Like a Magic Lamp
I have seen the ad’s saying they will reduce your weight in 10 days, their product fair your complexion, they are giving you money on clicking it. ala blabla bla bla . Never trust on them, fair and honest service providers never adapt lame publicity methods.

9) Blogger
Ahh I remember what blogger did with all super bloggers last week, never trust on blogger and their backups. Keep your own so that if they go down, you can restore them anytime.

8) The One who Already Ditched You
This is the simplest one in statement and toughest one in implementation, never trust on the person who already ditched you. Even Hadith says “A believer is never bitten twice from same hole.

7) A Girl’s Smile when She's Upset
Never trust when a girl is hurt and smiling jus to show her strong and showing everyone that everything is ok. It’s the best fake pretending she can ever do, never trust that.

6) The First Impression Only
The lamest of lame is to trust on first impression, they say the first impression is last one but I strongly believe that there are many in between too. First impression can’t ever be the last one, so never take decisions based on your fist impressions, they might go very wrong.

5) A Guy's Promise
When a guy promises you for something, this is fakest commitment anyone can ever do. Never trust on a guy’s word, specially when you have no evidence to show and ask for fulfill his promise.

4) Hint of Interviewers
While in interviews, many time the interviewers give wrong hints to misguide the person and check the confidence and skills, never believe on any hint. Jus be confident and believe on your own skills.

3) Random Friend Requests
Remember the “Do you wanna frandsheep with me?” post on shouts loud? Never ever trust on random people, random friends, and random friend requests. Specially on internet, when you are using it, it’s like you are openly sitting in a park and when you accept someone’s request, you are allowing them to see your personals. Jus be careful and my recommendation says Never Trust.

2) A Rumor
Hope many of you played that game, in which you say a word to a person in whisper and ask him to say the next person in circle, the result of the word is horrible every time almost. A rumor is like this, never trust on a rumor and assume and make false decision. Confirm the news from some authentic source and then take some step.

1) The Tears of Someone who Left You Once
I left you when you need me, and it was a mistake, I’m sorry and I want you back and trust me I’m very guilty.
In Friendship, Love, Relationships or even in Business, Never ever believe on the person who left you when you need him/her in your life. If someone can’t help you in your bad times, he never deserves you in your good times.

and honestly it's not like that every other thing is not trustworthy, there are infinite number of things to trust blindly and you are one.

Like this not so trustworthy list? Tell me what thing you wanna add in this list or is it perfect?
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  1. i agree with your list.... trusting is hard :/ but one can't live without it ^_^

  2. Agreed with some pointers, but trust in a relationship is very important, if not there's no meaning to love.

  3. I liked all of them and number 6 is absolutely agreed point :)

  4. Nice list. so you should never trust someone to whom you don't want to.

  5. i agreed with the list. it is almost so perfect .. nice write up and topic.

  6. trust is like a paper that once crumpled and can never be perfect again. so true.

  7. List is perfect ... and true as well ... :$

  8. Aww. I really love this post!!


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