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Why I'm Attracted towards you?

Have you encounter this thing, you feel attracted to someone? Attracted to a glowing smile? their sparkling eyes? maybe beautiful lips? their voice I guess? the gestures they pose? Was it any of them? Are you sure? Maybe they caught your attention originally, but what was it that brought you back for more?

An attractive face, charming smile, sparkling eyes, a perfect body always attracts to me, to everyone. I'm sure when we first meet someone, we attract physical appearance. But this attraction is more than physical, but for sure required physical to be present there as well. but true attraction is energy to energy, mind to mind, and body to body. There must be something more. It can be different from every single person or maybe there are some standards that are always the same.

So I am wondering what are you attracted to? What truly attracts you? Think about it, Ponder it and once you have an answer decide if you sure that it is really what you are looking for? Part of getting what you want is to know what it is you are after in the first place. So do a bit of soul searching. Write down what you want. Do not let yourself settle for less than you deserve. and when you got that someone, keep them till the last breath and never let them go. 


  1. for me every eyes has their own choise, maybe for others it looks bad, unatractive, but for others it means the whole world, so ya.... But for me every smile is awesome :). keep writing n keep smiling sis xxx

  2. I see experience talking, here! :P Good one, bestie! Keep it up! :P :D

  3. guchi guchi muwaah :P



  5. @Mieta Ambarwaty
    you are so right lil sis .. smiles :) :** thanks for comming on my blog. i love ur visits :)

  6. @Maroof A
    killer.. lol ..i'll answer u in pm :) :):)

  7. @Mota
    guucci goo goochi goo koochi koo .. mwah mota bhai

  8. @krishnareddy
    tysm fo liking :) it really means a lot to me


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