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10, 9, 8 … and you are no more Lonely and Bored...!!

Feeling bored and lonely? It is never so pleasant, when we think and sit a lot, we started feeling more lonely, bored and so cut off. But there are ways to get out of this feeling. I have some simple ways that are discussed here in this post.
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10. Explore your gadgets
You have laptop, cell, iPod, or an mp3 player to you and you never get enough time to explore it completely. Now when you are bored and feeling lonely, open it and play with it. I’m sure you’ll find so many new features, what you never aware before. Kill your time and get a training on your gadget. 

9. Cyber friends
Have some cyber friends? Enjoy with them, have some chats or maybe voice calls, speak a lot, laugh a lot, wander over the internet, maybe you’ll find something interesting too.

8. Read a book
Get a good and interesting book to read what you always planned to read when you have enough time. And if you don’t have such book at home when you are in state of boredom, go and get old magazines from your shelf and read them again. The missing information will let you know a lot what you skipped in past. 

7. Make a hangout plan
When you have enough time, call your friends and family and make some hangout plans. This will kill your time, help in killing your boredom and loneliness and make you feel happy with a reunion. 

6. Work on your hobby
Everyone of us have some hobby, it can be reading, writing, cooking, decorating, playing, etc. in normal routine life we never get enough time for them but whenever you are free enough and lonely and bored even, you have a fair chance to work on your hobby. Write all in a day, read all pending books, cook yummy dishes and make everyone praise you, play online games or outdoor whatever you like, go for some walk or exercise and feel fresh, change your room’s decoration and get a pleasant change in your life. 

5. Watch YouTube channels
This is another way to get out of loneliness and boredom. Subscribe for your favorite YouTube channels and visit them when you are bored to death. Watch annoying orange and laugh till death, watch RayWJ and curse on idiotic videos, watch old movies and dramas, Play some good music and dance with it, watch videos on facebook and enjoy having a good bandwidth internet connection.

4. Go artistic
This is not a everybody’s job actually, if you are a bit artistic, use it when you feel lonely and bored, this artistic can be in writing, in decorating, in make ups, in cooking, anywhere. Enjoy new experiences and have a great time going with your art.

3. Give time to family
Families always complain a lot for giving them not enough time when you are busy with your everyday life, but when you are bored and lonely and wants a company for you too, go to your parents and siblings and extended families and give them time, enjoy their company, this will make them happy too and this will make your time a lil better, if your family is not nut.

2. Clean your drawers
The best and the most effective way to kill your loneliness, is to start cleaning your drawers and cupboards. It will make your time passed so easily and you would for sure find your lost things even. Sometime some cards, some old gifts, your diaries, and some other old memories will make you recall your past and you will smile with them.

1. Pamper yourself
This is the easiest way out, and the only way which can work on 100%. Try to get you out of the feeling, make you busy somewhere or try to think the best part of your life. Think what you are dreaming and what you want to accomplish in life. Tell yourself your milestones and what you had already and what your near future plan is. If things are not working for you, cry a lil bit, pamper yourself again and be prepared for this tough life. 
I'm so bored of being bored, because being bored is so boring.
well honestly I tried them all and all are effective and working for me. Try them and tell me if they are working for you too.. tell me something I missed here. Tell me how you like it?

P.S I by chance opened my blogger and a big WOW come out of me, it's changed and looks so exciting, now i have two windows open to me , an old one and a new one .. I'm excited to explore it.

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