Ramadan Day 30 - She Exists

Ramadan Day 30

The holy month of Ramadan is sadly over. On this occasion will the group wish all brothers and sisters in Islam a happy ♥ Eid Mubarik♥. Hope you have enjoyed and will enjoy your Eid celebration=).
The month after Ramadan in the Islamic calendar is Shawwal. The first day of Shawwal is Eid ul-Fitr. He who fasts Ramadan, and six days of this month, it will be as if he fasted a whole year.
Ramadan is over but the life isn’t. As mentioned above; if you fast six days in Shawwal ( + Ramadan) it would be as if you fasted a whole year!
Last tip (for six days in Shawwal):
In these days you have to combine everything you have learned and use it:
■- When the eyes open in the morning say: Alhamdolillah thrice and then recite Shahada (kalima).
■- Use miswak making wozo.
■- Maintain in ablution.
■- Recite aytul kursi after doing wozo.
■- Pray all the 5 obligatory prayers.
■- Pray 2 rakah of nafl after obligatory prayer.
■- Read “astagfirullah hallah zi la ilaha illah huwal haijul qayyum wa atobo alei” all the time.
■- Recite durood.
■- Recite “subhanallahi wabihamdihi”, “allahu akbar”, “alhamdolillah”, “subhan al malikilqud’os” and “lailahailallah”.
■- Recite “subhanallahi wabi hamdi, subhanallah hil azim”.
■- Read Quran and concentrate on its message. Recite surahs.
■- Seek knowledge
■-Offer 4 rakahs of Salat ut tasbi
■- Give dawah- When entering the house say “As-Salāmu `Alaykum”. Enter the house putting in the right foot before the left then recite, “Bismillahi walajnaa wa bismillahi kharajnaa wa 'alaa rabbinaa tawakkalnaa”. -Make dua for yourself, your family and for the Ummah.
■-Follow the sunnah of Muhammed (s)
■-Offer as many rakah as you wish of night prayer (Tahajjud).

May Allah accept our I’badat and may He continue to guide us on the Right Path, Inshallah.
Remember Ummah in your duas.

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