Ramadan Day 25 - She Exists

Ramadan Day 25

ALLAH, on this day, make me among those who love Your friends, and hate Your enemies, following the way of Your last Prophet, O the Guardian of the hearts of the Prophets. 
Tip of the day:
You will not get a second chance everyday. One day will come when your soul will leave your body. Then your test will be finished. You will not get a second change at all. You can't stand on the judgment day and say to God, "Please give me one more chance, a second chance. I Will proof for you that I can worship you" NO! Then it's too late. Whatever you have accomplished you will get, whatever you haven't accomplished you will not get. Every soul has one chance, but a lot of opportunities. Make use of them. If your soul is not purified you will have eternal life in hell, but if your soul is purified you will have eternal life in paradise. Inactivate your temptations for the world and prepare for the eternal life in the life hereafter. What is wrong with the mankind? The truth is right in front of there eyes. WAKE UP!!!

The most grateful of people to Allah are those who are most grateful to other people.
Allah is Dhu-al-Jalali wa-al-Ikram --> The Lord of Majesty and Generosiy

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