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My Noob Story

Every one of us was a newbie on Yoville sometime. I’m a proud successful yovillain but even I was … yes I was NOOB, I know I know no one believes *winks* …
I joined game when Zynga started promoting it, and left it like many other applications... Never get addicted to it, rather left it first day saying ~How boring. Decorate a room, dress up and all is it all??? I’m better with my Farmville.
It’s another day and my boredom brought me to Yoville again... was thinking maybe I got something outa it loll... Wow let’s explore it... let’s go for shopping... Yayy!!!
I’ve 700+ coins and wow there are so many 50 coins pants and shirts, 100 coins headband I’m looking adorable in my new look… holy crap .. !!! It’s boring … ehhh window close.
I’m bored again … let’s join that shit game again … the Yoville...!!! Let’s go and dress up there, wow I’m looking so cute in 50 coins shades shirt and pants... And my headband is so awesome... Love it … and my boredom keep me bringing there and exploring it more…
Oo My...!! I left my apartment and found my friend’s pictures outside… wohooo… I can go to their homes. Wow they are giving me coins and asking me to come again, giving me friendship tokens… that are so wonderful... This game is amazing.
I started going to Alton Towers and playing games like Noobs... Asking for what is “Max Me”, G4G etc … and yea I forget to mention, I found the chat bar there finally... And some cheap dances like Egyptian... WOW I’m so excited about this game. I found buddy list and people around… All Noobs like me... Requesting for games, playing games and talking rubbish.
What’s this tab called event with a yellow bar and huge text on it…  ‘Mafia Sale’ Oo My … Don’s here … what’s mafia doing in a game. ‘Big Easter Sale’ Easter in month of October... Strange…
~Click~ loll how sweet, a huge egg … I’m owner here, telling me that it’s a paintable egg... and showed me that you can write on it... It is Easter 2009 rare egg... ok how can I get this one...?? Look a Noob is talking loll … You have to pay me 4,000 coins in trade... trade…: Ss what’s trade now… you need to pay me 4,000 coins like... He sent me a trade request and I went POOF jus after listening 4,000 coins… How can anyone have that big amount …?
WOW I know about trading now … it’s a good way to earn money. I should trade my things… I can sale things … I have so many kitchen stuff, sofas, clothing which are useless for me … I should trade them.. Mmm Event... Wow I can start an event, a paid or a non-paid... I’ll start a non-paid one… Event Started and I tried selling my ~”Starter Items”~ loll on high prices … people laughed over me and it’ was a total flop plan which I realized later. Forgot about Sales Girl…!!! Check events and enjoy…!!!
Adult Party, I need a boy friend, Police Hat for sale, Want to buy dog, Pakistani Party, Big Sale… Hey wait wait!! What I jus saw... Pakistani Party... WOW these pakis are even here... Great!!! JOINED!!!~~~
I found a guy there with name started with Mr. Something (buhahaha) sitting there with a girl, I don’t know the girl though and not even remember what they were talking about (acting like angel) loll … the guy was with a picture frame with a picture on it … I’m Pakistani as well... Wow your house is so cool … I like it. Who’s in picture..?? He’s my brother, my lost younger brother. Oh I feel sorry for you... Laughter...:$ what I said wrong?? : O the girl told me he’s himself... Ohh wow … but how you placed that picture there?? And he told me how … but from where I can get a picture frame??? From YO-depot. I ‘have 2,000 and something coins …: Ss wow you are going to help me out  ... Great!!! And he gave me 2,000 coins … Still don’t have 5000 in total loll… I’m so poor … ok I’ll max you and you’ll complete your 5,000 coins then… what the hell is maxing. Ehhh!!! And finally I got a picture frame which I put in my apartment’s living room...
WOW u made my first BIGHHH SHOPPING >>> 5,000 coins … Oo My Goodness …!!! woopieee… buddy him and ~Join Live~ and then I found so many friends here, some real good ones … which I’ll describe in stories after … wow I know a bit about this game …. It’s a great feeling …

And then I started going in events, visiting friends, working in bakery, maxing and coin running. I bought a new home of worth 5,000 coins on my own... WOW and a dog worth 10,000 coins then.  And started selling free gifts for 100 coins: DD
I kept doing those shit things and started addicted to YO, The Yoville and able me to change my status as a ‘House Keeper’. And moving in next part of story: D

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