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Types of Rozay daars by Ali Zafar

Type A :
This type of Rozay dar has the following characteristics
1) He makes sure to stuff himself with parathas and lasees (may be food suppliments) during sehry to prevent hunger from putting him in any kind of pain or misery the next day which can accidently lead him to test himself or provide an opportunity to relook at his desires and change for better.
2) Since now he has kept the Roza, he would go around asking everyone if they have kept it or not. Hoping someone would say “no” in embarrassment and he will rise to the occasion as a better Muslim in his own eyes and give a monstrous, demeaning look to the non-rozay dar.
3) He waits for aftary to feast on pakoras and other unhealthy fried food but more than that…… his cigarette.
4) During his day, he displays occasional bursts of impatient and intolerant behavior at home and at workplace but mostly on the street in traffic, making the lives of the people around him hell with the horn!
5) He feels confident that he has “pleased” God with this “selfless” act and may continue with his wrong doings throughout the year. Of course he feels next year same month he can again “please” Him by completing his full set of Rozaz and will again be forgiven for all the times he has cheated and hurt people.
Type B :
1) He is a silent rozaydaar who keeps such matters confined to himself and God.
2) He does not give a look of pity to other non rozay daars neither does he think that the whole world would go to hell except him and those who are fasting.
3) He is simple and affectionate and predominantly humble.
4) Kids love him.
5) He keeps his sehri and aftari healthy and simple and prevents stuffing.
6) He stops his children to boo away other children in school who are not fasting.
7) He is honest in his dealing with or without a roza, during ramadan and after ramadan.
8) He does not wait for Ramadan to finish so that he can get back to his lecherous lifestyle . He likes to maintain that balance of good and evil through out the year.
Type C :
1) This is the guy you would find claiming his superiority over all other sects and religions since he is a muslim and spend hours on internet forums demonizing, offending and abusing other people and religions.
2) During Ramadan he blesses himself further by doubling his rounds of the shops and markets to check out women and girls. He harasss them in kindness and follows them to their houses in an attempt to pass his numbers for late night delights instead of wasting time watching porn.
3) You will also find him using cuss words loudly in public places after aftari while smoking a joint and planning his fights with the other gangs the next day. Who can stop him for making it into heaven since “ yeh to saaray rozay rakhta hai! Pooray 30 !”
Type D :
1) Nothing much to be said about this one. He wakes up till sehry and goes to sleep after that. Wakes up 10 minutes before aftary. Feeds on fruit chart etc. Pretty harmless.
Type E :
If you are not any of the above then this is you!
by Ali Zafar on Sunday, 15 August 2010 at 20:36

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