Ramadan Day 2 - She Exists

Ramadan Day 2

ALLAH, on this day, take me closer towards Your pleasure, keep me away from Your anger and punishment, grant me the opportunity to recite Your verses (of the Qur'an), by Your mercy, O the most Merciful.

Tip of the Day:
Read the Holy Quran. Recite at least one page daily and go through its translation. Whoever recites one letter of the Quran gets 10 deeds. But that's on a regular day. With the extra credit of the Ramadan you will get 10 * 70 = 700 deeds by reciting one letter! Most important is that you don't put away the Quran after Ramadan. Make it a daily routine. Make Quran your friend, and it will stand on your site on the judgment day. Then Allah can't send you to the hellfire. Make the dua after Fajr prayer, and then recite some pages from the Quran. Allah will reward you in this life and the hereafter, Ameen.
Allah is Al-Malik --> The King, The Sovereign, The True and Ultimate King.

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