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Pakistan .. Another year of Independence.. !!!

  • Terrorist Activities 
  • Poverty 
  • Bomb Blasts 
  • Load shading 
  • Floods 
  • Military Operations 
  • Earthquakes 
  • Plane Crash 
  • American Power  
  • Worst Politicians 
  • & Corrupt Leadership

That miserable is our country in these 63 independent years ..  We are sucha dumb nation who cant even speak up for our own right .. putting flag's pictures on display, get a flag for children and place it on roof .. sharing national songs … following each other is not the solution of our problems .. We individuals should fight for our right and for what is right & all of us know what is right ,,, We are independent .. since long now ..

2010 Pakistan is not Iqbal's dream and Quiad' s struggle … Think about it .. Think again ..!!

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